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Our Philosophy

Our Mission

To plan and design unforgettable weddings that are authentic to each couple we serve, representing their true love story, personal values, and style.

Wedding Party

Our Vision

To create wedding day experiences that cultivate deeper, lasting connections between each couple and their guests by celebrating the unforgettable life experiences that brought them together and will continue to impact them throughout marriage.


Our Core values

By working with Forget Me Knot Productions, these are the values we bring to every event we plan.

  1. Connection – We strive to create a personal connection and friendship with our couples making your wedding planning journey feel connected and personal.  Our connection with our venue, vendor, and clients is based on relationships.

  2. Trust – When couples and their families innately trust their thoughtfully chosen and carefully selected wedding planner, magic will surely happen! That trust needs to be built and cultivated along the way, as trust simply does not happen in a split moment.  This is the foundation of our company.

  3. Goals - Our team is incredibly goal-driven. We know how to set goals and we know how to meet them. But what we really love to do is exceed them.

  4. Love - Above all, we have a ZERO tolerance policy for hate of any kind. We believe LOVE is LOVE and all humans are beautiful. We believe in inclusion, diversity, representation, and equality for all.

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